Monday, April 26, 2010

Couch to 5K--Week 9--Already!!!

It is Week 9. I am a bit behind, but my friend, Lee, modified my running plan. Here's what it will look like this week:

Monday: Run 20 min.

Wednesday: Run 10 min, Walk 5, Run 10

Friday: Run 21 min.

Sunday: Run 25 min.

I ran 19 minutes last night and walked 5. It was hard--I wasn't paying close enough attention to my breathing. Once I got it even, it got easier. I was 40 seconds shy of running 2 miles during the 19 minutes. I was very proud of myself. That's a little under a 10-minute mile. I have less than two weeks to be more comfortable running that far. I would still really love to run the whole 5K (3.1 miles), but we shall see. My ankle pain is so-so. We will see if my vitamins do their job.

Also, I am on a "making natural cleaners" kick. It is so cool! I never realized how many cleaning solutions you can make yourself. Last night, I was reading online about clogged drains--our kitchen sink was clogged, and I really hate using and paying for Drano. Most natural sites said that you should first try a plunger--that will sometimes do the trick (or a pipe snake). If not that, then try this:

1 cup washing soda (not baking soda)
3 cups of boiling water

Wash that down the drain, if it doesn't work, chase it with 1 cup of vinegar.

We tried that, and stuff started coming up into the sink--nasty. Dave grabbed the plunger, plunged it once, and skadoosh--the sink drained immediately. Awesome. My sink also looked a lot shinier! The washing soda is awesome. Arm and Hammer puts it out, and it is usually in the laundry aisle. Not all Wal-Marts carry it--you are more likely to find it at a Kroger, Reasors, etc.

Here are some links to other natural, safe, cheaper homemade cleaners:

Furniture Polish
(instead of Pledge--which is neurotoxic!!!--who knew?)

Laundry Detergent

Window Cleaner

Dishwasher Detergent

Deodorant (not an anti-perspirant): HERE and HERE (two different kinds)


Isn't it weird to use these homemade cleaners? No, it's just weird that we've been buying stuff (chemical-laden, at that) because the TV tells us to. Or it is what our mom used. Or we don't want to take the time to make them. But seriously, most of of them take a few minutes to prepare. Give it a try, and see how you like it! I am going to!

Also, Sam is doing really well. He's been in his cast for a week now. Only two more weeks to see if he can bear weight on it! He is getting around like a champ. If anything, he has been a little demanding. :)

Our garden is going crazy! Everything has sprouted except for the red bell peppers and the marigolds. We are so excited about it! Yea for fresh veggies!!!

Have a blessed week!


  1. good stuff. i had a Tuesday Tip a while back about cleaning the kitchen sink w/ vinegar and soda. i do it about once a week - to keep my sink shiny and to keep the drain clear. it also helps to keep the nasty smells out of the drain pipe.

    i banished most chemical cleaners from our home a couple years ago. i like Shaklee and Melaleuca products, but i also do a lot of homemade stuff. thanks for sharing those links :)

  2. Good stuff! I had no idea that furniture polish was neurotoxic! Good thing I rarely dust. I have tried the alcohol as a deodorant and even chlorophyll pills to avoid using anything at all. Can't remember why I quit...maybe because of summer. I would like to try the deodorant recipe. Thanks for all the ideas! Would like to know the outcome if you try any of them.


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