Thursday, April 1, 2010

Couch to 5k--Pressing Forward!

Week 5 has not been horrible yet. Yesterday's run was completed on a fairly flat track in town, so I did not have to contend with the steep hills this time. I ran 6 min, walked 5 min, ran 6 again, and walked 8 (I got too far from my starting point and had to walk extra). I ended up going 2.08 miles. I was tired, and it was hard, but it felt good.

My kids have too much stuff. They seem to not be able to take care of or pick up their toys without there being discipline involved. I am seriously considering getting rid of 90% of their stuff. Someone, please convince me otherwise. :)

Looking forward to a delicious dinner tonight--homemade salsa and chips, seasoned black beans, summery salad, and mexicali chicken. Mmmmm. And friends. New friends. Good times. I have nothing else to prattle on, I need to wash more dishes.


  1. try rotating their toys out for a while. we did that when they were little and it helped. either that or divide their toys into "sets" - like kitchen toys, cars, baby dolls, etc - and keep them in big rubbermaid tubs and just get one tub out at a time. maybe you already do this. but, yes, my kids have too much stuff, too - our rule is that they have a certain amount of space for toys. once it's full, no new toys (that goes for bdays and christmas) unless they get rid of something. it works!

  2. Have you lost any weight or noticed any changes in your body yet from the couch to 5k? (not implying you need to lose weight, just curious).

  3. Go Manda Go! I'm super inspired. Do you have a pace set yet? Do you know how long it will take you to run a mile? I'm just feeling liek a wimp with my 13 minute mile, and I know the second and third ones will just take longer! I'm going to call you Manda G Money the Warrior now, kay?


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