Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day and Mildly Interesting Stuff

So, it is Earth Day. I've been thinking more and more about sustainability practices and making wise choices concerning our planet. I have no idea if global warming is true or not, but that is not my motivation for making greener choices.

As a Christian, I believe it is part of my role as a human to "subdue the earth and have dominion over it." I believe that if I must be a good steward of the earth. So, here are some things I'm thinking about changing:

  • Being more careful to conserve water--watering my garden from a watering can rather than using the hose, short showers, not leaving the water running in the sink--little stuff.
  • I am seriously contemplating only buying secondhand clothes--refashioning if necessary.
  • Learning to can my own food to reduce my waste of tin cans from the grocery store.
  • Using soaps/detergents that are biodegradable.
I'm sure there are more I'll think of later. I want to somehow remove myself from the consumerist mindset I'm stuck in.

Reduce your waste.

Re-use what you have.

Recycle what you can't reuse.

We can all make a difference, and it will even save you money.

And onto the other mildly interesting stuff...

I ran on Monday. It hurt a bit. I saw my OMT dentist, and he said I have plantar fasciitis. He did some muscular releases on my feet, and my shin splints DISAPPEARED. He did an ankle strap release on my foot, declared my ankle as strained, and then gave me a vitamin. We shall see. I was supposed to run yesterday, but our schedule was biznizzy. It didn't happen. I will go today--at some point.

The race is in 2 weeks. Holy cow.

Our garden is sprouting things!!! We are excited and hoping they all make it! I have uploaded pics from my phone to Facebook, so if you're my friend there and want to see mini-plants, check 'em out!


  1. I enjoyed reading this post! I have been thinking about sustainability issues a lot lately as well. I had been for a long time, then I watched the documentary No Impact Man (streamable on Netflix if you have it) and really wanted to start addressing some of what I considered, for me, the tougher issues, many of which you mentioned. I used to be most concerned with saving money, over saving the environment...which makes sense on some levels since students don't typically have a lot of extra money, but now I'm learning ways I can do both. Like you were talking about with the clothing--although it would be much more of a task for you with three children and a husband!--I'm getting myself out of the habit of purchasing things like clothes that are on sale for a good deal, some of which I "need" but many of which I could do without, when I consider how the earth as well as others had to suffer just for as little as a t-shirt. I think it's really challenging to think of it that way in a society like ours. It can be done but takes a lot of rethinking. I've been shopping for clothes I need, like when I got a new job and needed specific types of pants and shirts, at Yours Truly consignment shop for the past few months and I feel really good about it. They have pretty good prices overall but their room full of clearance clothing is especially wonderful. My short-term goal is to not buy any new clothes until the end of summer, and I'm hoping that when I reassess at that time, I'll be more used to the idea and not want to buy new clothes as much as I did before. I can't say I never will again, and certain things I'd like to have new, like underwear and such, but I'm going to make a really good effort in that direction! I also want to start sewing my own clothes instead of just the things I already sew like purses and pillows. I've done a little before and I think it would be a good skill to work on.

    I think you are doing great and it's really commendable all of the sustainable practices you stick to!

  2. thank you, thank you, THANK you for posting that. i've been thinking all day about how it is earth day and how being a christian republican somehow means i'm supposed to be against it and how that logic is the most bleepin' backwards thinking i've heard since the KKK. sorry, it irritates me. worshipping the earth is heresy. but caring for the earth is not only responsible, it is an act of obedience to the God who mandated it in Genesis (as you so aptly quoted). we've taken quite a few steps to be more conscientious, too... and i am still a christian republican. imagine that...

  3. Hey, Amanda. I know you know me, and you know how important I think being a good steward of this earth great job by you on these awesome choices. And no act is too small or not important.

    Oh, and congrats on the sprouting green things. Isn't it great?!


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