Friday, April 9, 2010

Tids and Bits

Here comes the bullet list:

  • My ankle is still hurting. Doing exercises for it and resting. I ran last night, but the pain is still present. More rest. I really hope I am ready for the race in a month!
  • I really want to go on vacation with my husband. I hope it will become a reality!
  • We are building a square-foot garden. Go HERE for details.
  • I am in a funk. I need a nap. I want to go on a date. I don't want to do anything that resembles work.
  • I can't seem to kick my soda habit.
  • I want to blog, but my head is fuzzy. I think I'll blame it on the pollen.
  • I have important things to share, but a bullet list is not the place (not pregnant FYI).
  • I have a headache.
  • Sam had a stomach bug. No one else has gotten it. Yet. Hopefully won't. He's still not 100%, but at least he's not throwing up anymore.
  • I think I am bulleted out.


  1. - square foot garden looks good. start small and enjoy!
    - blog when you're ready. blame it on the pollen if you must.
    - big news is fun
    - i kicked my diet coke habit w/ seltzer. i get the flavored kind (but still just water, technically) and sometimes add frozen fruit as ice. so good. and just like drinking water but since it's fizzy it's a bit more fulfilling.
    - that is all

  2. btw, don't get me started on ankles.

  3. I just caught up on a lot of your blogs so here's a mini bullet list of my thoughts of your last few blogs,
    -you must sell your fresh veggies to me next year
    -I think we are having friendship withdrawls because we haven't spent anytime together this week and neither one had a very good week.
    - the suspense is killing me about the twice mentioned news!!!!!
    -sorry sam got sick

    -I know branson is kinda expected for a cheap vaca but it really is cheap and if you and dave like roller coasters the ones at silver dollar aren't bad.
    - lastly I love the way you are as a friend most people always wait for others to reach out to them but you make an effort so don't ever change that!

    Love you


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