Monday, April 5, 2010

Milestones of Varying Sorts

Milestone #1--Halfway through the Couch to 5K plan!

I can't believe I have made it to the halfway mark. To celebrate, I hurt my ankle. I am not really sure what it is, but more than likely, it is joint weakness (because I'm hyper-mobile). I am resting, and NOT running today.

I am also modifying my plan. A friend of ours, Lee, is a super runner--like a running genius or something. He's also in Physical Therapy school. He is looking over my plan and seeing if it needs to be modified. He explained that these plans must be taken with a grain of salt because each person responds differently to a regimen and may need different things. My goal is to run the 5K without walking, but we will see what happens after he makes his recommendations. He did give me some exercises to do to stabilize that joint.

Milestone #2--I have forgotten to talk about Lucy. She is walking!!! She's been walking for about 3-4 weeks! We are so thankful. Although, now, she wants to walk everywhere and doesn't want you to hold her hand or pick her up. :)

Milestone #3--Lucy is weaned. I know there are varying opinions on how to wean and when to wean. It wasn't (and isn't) easy for either of us, but it is done. :( and :)

Milestone #4--I finished the baby gift--a quilt! I made it for my friend, Kristina, and her new baby girl, Ali. I fell in love with it. I do every time I make something. I'm working on the sweater for Gayla's dear Lilah. Pictures to come.

Milestone #5--Sam finished the Beginning Reading set of Hooked on Phonics. He was so proud of himself. I'm looking for other material for him to teach further. They have revamped the Hooked on Phonics sets since I bought the last one, and I wasn't sure I liked it as well, so I want to go another route. He needs to learn blends and long vowels and silent e's and that sort of thing. If you have ideas, I welcome them.

Milestone #6--I don't know if I ever announced it, but Maryn is completely potty-trained. Finally. Once in a blue moon, she may have an accident while playing and distracted, but she is golden. Day and night. I'm so thankful and proud!!!

I think that's all for now. A big post is coming up this week...stay tuned (no, I'm NOT PREGNANT).


  1. Those are all awesome milestones! I'm super proud of Maryn too, and oh if you could tell me how to potty train for bedtime. I just don't know what to do! I've almost given in and bought one of those alarm things! I hope you post pics of the baby quilt, or I could just go over and see it at Kristina's sometime in person...hmmm.

  2. Hey I just talked about what we are starting with Cayle (and even Alaya to an extent) in this blog post:

    I included some links to books that I just bought. I am REALLY excited about what these materials have to offer. :)

  3. We buy Kumon workbooks for Maddox to do every summer. I think they have ones just for vowels, blends, etc. We really like them. Maddox's teacher even went and bought some after I told her we use them. I think they are at Borders, Barnes & Noble, & Target.
    Has Lucy's reflux improved after weaning?

  4. OK, I HAD to comment and I couldn't above :) Because, I am the exact opposite. Not in being assertive or any of those other qualities, but in the relationships area. I don't take ANY initiative and b/c of that... I don't do ANYTHING with friends. I hate that about myself. I always figure they are too busy or not interested in doing anything with me. My husband is the exact opposite. As a result, he has a ton of friends, and I (for the most part) have wives who are married to his friends.
    I've always thought it was b/c I just don't click with many people. I think for the most part... most people do not get me. I have 'clicked' with very few people over the years and they always move away! But with those people, yes I would call them and take the initiative after we've gotten to know each other. Not sure I did that in the beginning though? I'm not real sure.
    Stinks though. I don't like that I'm like this, but I don't really see it changing. It is how I am. I'm not comfortable taking the initiative with most people and like I said... most people do not get me.
    I also think I am a very good reader of people... too good. And that makes me uncomfortable around a lot of people. I don't really think it is insecurity (maybe b/c I think I read them correctly ha) and I FEEL like they don't like me, therefore I'm uncomfortable around them and then THEY read me in a way I'm not. Make sense? yeah....
    Anyway, it was interesting reading from someone else's perspective.


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