Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two Teeth

Sam started getting his first tooth at 5 months, and it was in by 6. Sam then started getting teeth four at a time! It was crazy, but at least he got them over with. Maryn got her first teeth at 7 months. She still only had two teeth on the bottom at one year...I can't remember if she had any on top.

Lucy started getting hers at 5.5 months, and ended up getting TWO. She'll be six months on Saturday. Here's her sweet teeth (excuse the crusty nose...):

Gotta love those cheeks. Just scrumptious.


  1. Sweet picture! And look how long her hair is getting.

    My Ella has more hair at four months than her brother Cooper did at 18 months!

    It must be a girl thing :).

  2. Oh she's precious. I'm not looking forward to Addie teething, I'll prolly call with breastfeeding/biting concerns!


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