Monday, May 4, 2009

No clever title...apologies.

We had a sweet reunion. I even got butterflies in my stomach on the way to the airport. It was SO good to see the man I love.

I'm so tired right now. All three of my beautiful children decided to get up at six this morning. Thankfully, I only got up with Lucy once last night.

I didn't tell you, but she is getting TWO teeth! She hasn't been too fussy, but she has been more restless at night. That makes me sleepy. I also trimmed her hair in the back. She had a nice little rat-tail goin' on. I had to make it disappear. I kept all her hair and put it in a ziploc. I've never given a baby their first hair cut at 5 months before! At five months with Sam and Maryn, they were bald from rubbing off their skiff of hair. Lucy still has a full head of hair with a little rubbed off on the back of her head.

We have to take Sam to the doctor today. He has a bunch of weird bites on him. He's the only one who has them too--I'm guessing it's not something too gross since it isn't contagious. My first thought was flea bites, but Woodrow didn't miss any treatments, and if he has fleas, I ALWAYS get bitten. And I haven't, so I bet it is something different. Spider bites are usually more disgusting and large. Even Dave was baffled, so hopefully, Dr. M will be able to point us in the right direction and get this child some relief from the itching (hydrocortisone cream isn't even helping much).

I showed the house to two couples this weekend. I would love to sell it to one of the couples (not the other one--I got some bad vibes from them). We'll see if we hear anything. :) We're praying about what our timeline should be and what kind of help to enlist in selling our home. We're not panicking. We have a realtor in mind if it comes to that. We know God has a buyer for our home; we just have to wait for that person to come!

Well, I am off to get some caffeine in my worn out body. In light of that, check out this post on Gwyneth Paltrow's blog--GOOP. I thought there were some interesting ideas there.



  1. UGH - jack woke up at 620, and even though we didn't get him up til 7, i of course heard him talking, singing, etc. i'm really tired right now, and hoping i'll get nap in a bit. i don't know WHAT was going on! haha
    hope you sell your house soon!

  2. Oh my, you read GOOP too? How awesome are you?! I like Gwyneth, but she gets a little...out there...sometimes.

  3. I'm glad your sweetie is home. :)


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