Monday, May 18, 2009

Developments and Things to Do

You know I like lists. Here's a couple.


1. Our house was shown twice last week by other realtors.

2. Our realtor had an open house here on Sunday and had a dozen families come through. A couple were very promising. She hopes to hear something this week.

3. I saw Wolverine and Star Trek in one week, and they were both amazing. I've been pondering why I like Sci-fi so much. No conclusions yet. Except for the obvious nerd factor.

4. We went to Mayfest during the Open House. It was nice to be out with the kids. Sunblock is now a must-have for the season's fashion.

5. I discovered a new chocolate bar that I love. Ghiradelli Luxe Chocolate--Duet. It's milk chocolate on top and dark chocolate on the bottom. And velvety. Smooth. Delicious.

6. My older children both commented on my weight this week. Time to cut out the chocolate.

7. This just in!! We have two back-to-back showings this evening!!! Yahoo!!!!

To Do List:

1. Hem my two skirts that I made on Saturday (don't laugh, Katie.).

2. Finish making the third skirt (again, don't laugh, Katie.).

3. Get the house straightened up.

4. Don't forget to go to the bathroom at some point.

5. Drink the rest of the yummy coffee I made: Dunkin Donuts Dark with SF vanilla creamer, lite whipped topping and ground cinnamon. Mmmmmm....

6. Finish my book.

7. Begin book club book for June (my last book club meeting). :(

8. Look through all the free magazines I've been getting. "Mothering", "Parents", "Woman's Day"...all free.

9. Put clothes on the baby.

I think this list is neverending, so I'm going to defy the laws of nature and end it.


  1. who, me? laugh??? never...
    incidentally, i could use your help. i have a few long tops that i would love to have hemmed. hmm... road trip?

    your coffee comment made me long for a cup of my own...

    and, don't bother dressing the baby. so overrated...

  2. Yeah leave #9 off the list....dressing babies only creates more work at a later point when they pee, poop, or spit up on them. Save yourself the laundry....

    A few weeks ago Ellie told me she wanted to have a "big belly" just like mine....oh boy...time to hit the Elliptical!

  3. Yes that sounds about like my life right now minus the sewing and that I need to do some cleaning that was missed when I was MIA. Problem is my energy level is still not so high from surgery...hopefully soon though.

  4. I'll take some of that coffee off your hands, please!

    I love free magazines. I am always able to snag some at school when departments put out ones they are getting rid of. Nearly all of my classes are in McAlister so I always get to look through the interior decorating and food magazines the FACS department puts out (I am actually a FACS minor...I think I've posted about this on my blog...I thought I wanted to major in that originally but now I am just finishing the minor).

    I hope your house sells soon!!!

  5. I really liked "Wolverine" too. And I really don't like science-fiction, but I like the X-Men movies. Who knows.

    I say go for a naked baby! :)

    Oh, and I called the apartment lady. She didn't even know what I was talking about--they never called her. So much for honesty, huh?!? Anyway. She is going to call me tomorrow. I am not exactly hopeful, but we'll see. I still firmly believe in miralces! :)

    And....we bought the MAC!! I'll let you know how it goes.


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