Friday, May 1, 2009

I figure... probably wouldn't mind a real post. wonder what in the world has happened to me. think I must be too tired to blog (probably true).

But the truth is, I actually haven't had anything I could talk about...not that I didn't have plenty TO talk about...I'm just choosing NOT to talk about it. If that makes sense!?!

We've had a very crazy week. We've had a very serious family issue (our little family of five is okay--it was in the extended family). It was quite scary, and to tell you the truth, it was just downright horrible. I wish I could blog about it just to get it off my chest, but instead, I've saved that for my nearest and dearest who have listened to me so patiently. Thank you.

Dave is in a plane right now. He just left Uzbekistan. Next stop: Istanbul. Then Munich. Chicago. and HOME.

I love the feeling of all of us here under one roof. It's so calming to know that everyone is snug and accounted for. If you've ever had a member missing for awhile, you know how nice it is to have him/her back with you.

The kids and I have stayed pretty busy to pass the time. We have eaten out FAR too much. But, I guess it's sort of okay...I know I must have some stories to tell...I should anyways.

My favorite Sam-ism of today was:

Me: "Sam, do you want to come snuggle with me?"
Sam: "Nooooo...I like you....buuuuuttttt, I don't like to snuggle."

So glad to know he likes

Tried pottytraining with Maryn again...still a no-go. We'll just keep pluggin' along.

Well, I've gotta get some resty-rest. I am worn out. I admire single moms so much. I don't know how they work outside the home, inside the home, parent their kids, help with homework, cook,'s amazing. They deserve medals.

And after these two weeks, I think I do too....the kids may disagree! :)

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  1. aw...i can imagine how you feel. how eager you must be for "normal." enjoy your time w/ dave... so much catching up to do... the last day is the hardest!


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