Thursday, May 21, 2009

Real Estate and the Rapture

I had an epiphany sometime last week.

Keeping your house clean when you're trying to sell it is an awful lot like being ready for Jesus to come back! It could happen at any moment, and you want to be prepared!

My house is staying clean. I'm not sure how I got to this point, but I'm here, and I'm thankful. I'm doing a load of laundry every day. I make sure the house is ready to show before I go anywhere (this only happens about once a day). I keep clutter away. I make the kids put their toys back quickly. I'm into a rhythm, and it's nice. I hope this industrious spirit follows me back to Arkansas. :)

We received an offer yesterday on our house. But, it was totally insulting. They offered $6500 less than our asking price and also asked the following:
  • Pay their $5000 in closing costs (For realz?--our closing costs in AR on a more expensive house are only $3500!!!!--comparable real estate market too!!!)
  • Pay to repaint the exterior of the house in a color of their liking (Sorry, charlie. That's a couple thousand bucks.)
  • Pay 1 point of their interest rate (hello!!!!! interest rates are at an all-time LOW!!!)
  • Buy a home warranty (we're not completely opposed to this)
  • $1000 home repair addendum (this is pretty standard)

We rejected the offer without even countering. They submitted a new offer later in the afternoon, but the only thing they changed was the purchase price. It was still not enough to compensate for their closing costs. We can't tack their closing costs onto the sale price without either chancing that the house won't appraise at that amount or without us being upside down on the loan. We said, "No way, Jose!" It felt good, too. Our house is still getting a lot of attention and showings, and it has only been on the market for 1.5 wks. We're not desperate.

After some discussion, I believe they are out of their price range if they need THAT much assistance on our house. So, anyway, that was crazy, but we're hopeful that the real buyer will come along soon.

Lucykins is 6 months old. Where has the time gone? She's my lightweight baby. Her weight is in the 15% but her head and length are both 50%. She's looking great though. She has rolls, and that's good!!! Maryn is 50% for everything. Nice to know. I need to take some pictures...

My parents are coming over today to play with Sam and Maryn and take Maryn to Build-A-Bear for her birthday. That was their gift to the grandkids this year for their birthdays. I think it's really cute. Maryn most definitely will choose a princess'd be fun if she surprised us!

Well, wish I had more interesting things to talk about, but I don't. :) Have a blessed day!


  1. way to stand your ground with the house. sometimes it can be easy to let the fear of not being able to sell your house take over, but waiting for peace is the best way to do it (and peace is never insulting!)

  2. I think you did the right thing not only for your family, but for the potential buyers as well. It sounds like they might have been doing something they couldn't exactly afford. Way to go!

  3. I'm a little jealous your house is amazingly clean! I also know that comes with an incredible amount of hard work so GREAT JOB!

    1.God has your buyer out there and it's good to see you aren't jumping into something like what was offered just to sell. That is really quite insane all that they are asking for! I have been praying and will keep praying for you in this whole move and relocation!

    2.I have a Business blog here on xanga...I am trying to build readership. would you mind following that blog as well? I am setting up a contest for all those who enter;)

    3.Have you tried the sling? Let me know if you have any questions about it! They do take a little bit to get used to if you haven't used one before but you'll be a pro in no time with a little practice!

  4. Insane offer! Wow! Glad ya'll rejected it with no regrets. :)

  5. oooh i'll have to check that out.

    what other things are you finding is helpful for keeping the house clean?

    my biggest revelation(this is going to sound so dumb but i'll say it anyway) is picking up after ourselves. it makes such a difference. and i have 3 times a day we pick up toys.

  6. oh i got sidetracked. i knew i wanted to leave a comment but then read your post and...anyway...feather duster.

    i shampood mine the other day and blew it dry like they say to do and it was SO FREAKY! but then it was so fluffy and pretty. it took a solid 10 minutes to blow dry which made me laugh.

  7. Keeping the house clean is always tough when selling with three little ones... I am generally a pretty neat person but after we sold our house and moved I went through a revolt and did not clean much for weeks... I was just worn out from it (also probably from having a baby/selling the house/buying the new house/moving all in two months...)
    As for the offer, i am a firm believer that God's hand is upon things like this... just had a story from a friend at church this morning about God's role in their move... He has the perfect family for your house!!!!

  8. Oh man...I want to take Parker to Build-A-Bear so badly! I know he would love it. Maybe for his birthday in November.
    Good to catch up with you! I'm not on here much anymore, I'm just so busy!


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