Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yes and No

What I'm saying "Yes!" to this week:

1. A realtor. We're thankful to have a great one. She will serve us well and earn every penny. :)

2. Maryn's birthday on Sunday! My baby girl is going to be three tomorrow! I can hardly believe it. She was just 2 weeks old when we moved here. She's changed so much. We'll have a small party for her tomorrow night (Dave has to work in the morning).

3. Mother's Day!!! This will be my fourth Mother's Day (unless you count the one when I was pregnant with Sam), and I'm so thankful God has given me three beautiful children. I don't take it for granted. I will be sharing this day with Maryn (for her birthday) giving me three important days shared with my children this year: Lucy and I shared a birthday, Sam and I shared Christmas Day (also his birthday), and Maryn and I will share Mother's Day. I am blessed. Truly.

4. A little sunshine! The constant rain and clouds have been quite depressing. I'm thankful for each little bit of sun I get!

What I'm saying "No!" to this week:

1. No more events. Keeping it simple. Sometimes you just have to say, "No more!"

2. No to Book Club. I really wanted to go. I just got the book on Wednesday and really just started reading it last night. I don't want to hear how the story ends before I read it for myself, so I'm not going to get to Next least I'll have read the book in time (I hope!).

3. No to Open House! We don't have to host another Open House. The realtor is planning one for May 17th. All I have to do is clean.

4. No to saying "real-a-tor" instead of "real-tor". Folks, there's not an "a" in the middle.

What are you saying "Yes!" and "No!" to this weekend?


  1. I've pondered the pronunciation of realtor myself. I say "ree-uhl-tor"

  2. A lot of people say "ree-luh-tor". I say "reel-tor".

  3. I'm sooo glad you got "un agente de bienes y raices" That's realtor in spanish! It's a lot longer to say!

  4. I said no to most everything except church yesterday and lunch with my mom and siblings. :) I'm glad you guys got a realtor and I hope your house sells soon. *hug*


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