Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Two Tiny Ladies

Our oldest girl just had her 3rd birthday. THAT is hard to believe. When we moved here, she was just 2 weeks old. Now, we're getting ready to move again. Time is flying--a bit too fast if you ask me.

She requested a white cake with pink frosting (a princess cake). I used the trusty bundt pan. However, I took the cake out when it was completely cool (big no-no! should be mostly cooled, but not completely), and the top stuck inside the pan. Boo. So, I covered it with frosting best I could. It still tasted yummy, and she didn't notice.

Trying to blow out the candle

Her brother picked out a very thoughtful gift--a Mrs. Potato Head! They like playing with it together. It was much better than his first idea--trains. :) Dave and I bought her a Fancy Nancy tutu to add to the growing collection of frilly, fairy princess clothes. It's so fun watching her run around in her princess get-up.

One thing we were worried about was that Maryn would be jealous of Lucy after having been the baby for 2.5 years. Thank God! We were wrong! She never acted out any jealousy, and only recently has taken an interest in her sister. She talks about her more and definitely is becoming more nurturing. It's so sweet to watch.

I pray these two will enjoy their sisterhood. I always wanted a sister growing up. I love my brother, but we couldn't really share clothes and secrets and play together the same way sisters do. Although, I did dress him up like a girl more than once. He usually went along with it until Dad made him take it off. :)

I much prefer to see Maryn smiling and laughing because we've had our fair share of tears
(and then some).

And how about a silly baby face? Babies+silliness=our family.

Had to put this one as our desktop background!

I also like to see chubby baby legs. You too? I thought so.

Knee doesn't get any better than that.


  1. They are so cute! And I see so much of your personality in them.

  2. love the pics and this post! very sweet. also makes me think of the song "Sisters" from white christmas...hehe

  3. Gosh time is flying. I love Lucy's chubby little legs. Maryn is just beautiful. I feel like we're hanging on to them by our fingernails.

  4. That picture of Lucy is so stinkin cute! I think she looks like her big sister.

  5. So sweet! Love the pictures...

  6. beautiful! silly little girls...

  7. ha... yeah, I went with public opinion and will change it if wrong. It makes me feel like I'm shopping a bit to put it on a wish list!

  8. Just beautiful! Love the chubby legs too. I love squeezing my babies legs. They're so soft and squishy. :-) Gorgeous pics Way to go!

  9. So sweet! Your girls are beautiful.... I am curious does Sam want a baby brother as much as Bowden does? He askes for one all the time....


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