Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 14--Couch to 5k--Getting Good Shoes

Today was a rest day. It was also shoe day!!! I went to a running store and got these sweet Sauconys.

After the saleswoman evaluated my feet, she brought out four boxes of shoes for me to try. It was kind of like trying on wedding dresses. I ended up with the first pair I tried on (just like I ended up with the first dress I tried on). These shoes feel great. I decided to wear them around the house this afternoon to get used to them. When I took them off, my shins started hurting again!!! They totally make a difference. I am excited to run in them.

Lucy got sick tonight--throwing up. I hope she is back to herself tomorrow. I feel a little funny, but I think I ate too much at dinner. I hope all is well tomorrow because I thought I might run tomorrow even though it is technically a rest day. The weather is supposed to be nice (and I have new shoes!!).

I suppose I could have gotten by with my three and a half year old Adidas, but I am thankful for new, supportive shoes. My muscles and ankles are very thrilled.

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