Thursday, March 25, 2010

Humpday Run--Couch to 5k

Wednesday, I did 5 min walk, 8 min run, 5 min walk. It was hard, but it wasn't too bad. Week 4 is shaping up nicely; it's next week that I'm worried about. The intensity level picks up a bit. Pressing on!

I saw the rottweilers again. This time they growled and nipped at my dog. I kept running. I love my dog, but I will not sacrifice my life for him! He just let them sniff and then joined me a few moments later. Seriously need to get that pepper spray...

I'm short on coffee this morning. I don't have anything AMAZING to rant about. I do, however, feel that my momentum with my house is wearing thin. I have been working so hard the last few weeks to keep my house looking great. I love how it looks, but it gets messy so fast--kids, meals, tracking in dirt from outdoors, and the like. I am worn out. I work most of the day cooking and cleaning.

I have two sewing projects and two crochet projects yet to finish. It's hard to set aside the time to do them when I'm constantly cleaning up my house. So, to those of you who are waiting on these dear gifts from me, I am trying to finish them!!!

I have no wit today. I'm going to brew a pot of coffee. I'm sure it will help a little.

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  1. our house gets cluttered fast too.

    we have 3 pick up times a day.

    before lunch, before daddy gets home, and before bed.

    we have our kids pick up there toys by placing them in bins and we have one designated area for
    the toys (they don't have them in their rooms, living room, etc...)

    we started this system at the recommendation of an older woman and it's the only thing i've found that works-that paired with me putting things away by grabbing something and putting it away everytime i walk through a room.


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