Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 3--Couch to 5K

This is Day 16. I was supposed to run this morning. But, because of Daylight Savings Time, it was pitch black. So, I will have to wait to run until this evening when Dave gets home. Dave has agreed to join me, and I think we may sign up for the Dino Dash 5k in Little Rock on May 22nd. The kids will be able to have a blast there too. I just need someone to watch my kids while we race (any Little Rock takers?). The proceeds all benefit the Museum of Discovery downtown.

I'm looking forward to longer days for sure. At least my kids slept until 8! I'm sure they'll figure out soon enough that 8 is merely the new 7 and start getting up at 7. :) Here's my schedule for this week (the numbers represent minutes, not miles!):

Monday: Walk 5, Run 6, Walk 5
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Run 4, Walk 5, Run 4, Walk 5
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Walk 5, Run 7, Walk 5
Saturday: Rest (I may run again on this day just to push myself)
Sunday: Rest

I'm looking forward to this week, Wednesday especially. I wonder how that will go with me starting off in a run?

Lucy's weight check was today. She gained about an ounce and a half. We're going to continue with what we've been doing until her 18 month appointment and then go from there. The worries are taking a backseat for now. She is otherwise healthy and happy. Just little!

I am so thankful for my husband. I just want you to know what a blessing he is to me. He esteems me and loves me. He is far from perfect, but he has grown and is growing so much. Even on his bad days, I can see God giving him grace. The other day, I just strongly sensed the Holy Spirit telling me that a major part of my role with Dave is just to love him to death. Just love him.

So, I've been acting on love impulses with him--if I have an idea, I carry it out without debating about it. I think this is blessing him a lot. He's had a lot of hard days recently with his work, and it is so nice to make our home a haven for him, to surprise him in the middle of the day with a treat, or just a visit to get hugs and kisses from the kids (and me!).

What do you do for your spouse? I find all too often that I am making a list of things he isn't doing for me without realizing that I'm not doing them for him either! It shouldn't be so one-sided! We are both responsible for our relationship.

So, in true Flylady fashion, I say, "Get off your franny and stop feeling sorry for yourself!"

And as Ghandi said, "Be the change that you want to see in the world."

This can apply to all of our relationships. Not everyone will reciprocate, but your relationships will be better for it. Find a way to serve your spouse today--with NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Just love them tangibly. Comment back once you've done it and report how it went for the both of you!


  1. we surprised shane today with lunch at work.

    even though i REALLY don't feel like tidying the explosion of scissors, tiny paper, colors, blankets, toys, kitchen i'm off to bless the house quickly so he'll feel relaxed when he gets home from work. my gift to him. well, and me :).

    also, we hung out with some friends last week. their daughter is very tiny. she's almost 3 and weights 20 something pounds. i immediately thought of lucy and thought you might be encouraged. she's my fb friend too so if you ever want to talk to her or ask her questions i could get ya'll connected.

  2. p.s. which plan are you doing for running?

    i'm so confused because there are several.

    i am running. is there a guide i can print off?

  3. Today I unblessed and then blessed Jason. I accidentally took some things out of the trunk that he needed for school today. I was making room for the enormous sit'n stand this weekend and put his nine weeks grades folder in a stack of books in the garage floor. He asked me about it this morning and I looked through but couldn't find this mystery blue folder. After I read your post I decided to scour, these were the grade sheets that were supposed to be turned in today! Well, when I put some effort into it I found the folder tucked into one of those books and called him to let him know. The relief in his voice was pretty sweet. Thanks, Manda.


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