Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 5--Couch to 5k

I had my 13 minute run/walk this morning. It was beautiful. The birds were chirping, and the creek was bubbling towards the lake. I've mentioned before that I live by a beautiful lake.

It is especially pretty at sunrise (when I was up!!!). I had to break my stride to take a pic for you this morning.

Be thankful I didn't take a pic of the armadillo remains on the side of the road. :)

I listened to Jesus Culture on my iPod while I ran. It was their album, "We Cry Out". Good beatz. Do you listen to music when you run or exercise? I don't do it everytime because I enjoy the quietness of the early morning. This morning, I discovered my watch was dead, so I had to take my phone which has a stopwatch on it to help me keep track. I thought I'd take advantage of the iPod feature. My spirit got some encouragement as well as my body.

So what do you listen to? Or do you?

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  1. That lake is beautiful!!!

    As I was reading this I found myself day dreaming about getting a wedding job out your way so that I can stay with you for bit! You are a soul nourishing friend!

    Have I already told you how proud I am of you for taking on this challenge of running?!

    I, and I admit this is quite nerdy,
    run the steps in my house and do sit ups. I do not usually listen to music but if I was running outside I am sure I would!

    The armadillo would have been a great picture if it was alive and well!

    lots of love!


  2. I do listen to music when I helps me get to a good pace and stay also gets my mind off of what I'm doing and I can go further. :-)
    So proud of you and your early morning walks.

  3. i did it-i went running this morning.

    the plan i found looks a bit different than your plan?

    so this morning were you out for a total of 13 minutes or do you repeat the walk/run set?

  4. Good for you for getting out there!! I have no idea where you live, but you might check in your area to see if there is a beginning running group! We have one here where I live and it's amazing the support and friendship you get from others!


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