Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 7--Couch to 5K

Today was supposed to be a rest day. I've discovered something, though. If I get up and run, I am happier. I am more productive. I feel better all the way around.

So I ran today. I just did a 13 minute walk/run. It was good. It was humid and cold. But, the sun was shining, so I enjoyed it. I listened to Jesus Culture again. The rhythms are great for walking or jogging.

I blessed the mess out of my house on Thursday. It looks GOOD, people. Anna is very motivational as well. She makes me want to have a peaceful home. And let me tell you, it is so much more peaceful. I was even able to get all those piles of papers filed and all the tax stuff piled up. We are expecting our friend, Ben, to help us make sure we're doing our taxes correctly this year. We sold and bought a house (not really sure who paid the real estate taxes--us or them?) and we have a lot of student loan interest to deal with (can't figure out if we can claim ALL of it or only the federal loans?--reason number 2, 842 why you shouldn't go into debt--pain in the neck).

I am headed to book club in about 45 minutes. I'm looking forward to discussing our first book with the ladies. I will more than likely review the book on here...we'll see.

Happy Saturday! Enjoy the sun if you can!

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  1. Just wanted you to know that you're inspiring one lazy, out of shape girl down here in Houston to get off the couch! Thanks so much for the inspiration!


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