Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Writing a Book--Another project, Amanda? Seriously.

I'm losing track of what day it is on the Couch to 5k. I know it is a rest day, and I'm in Week 4. :) Yesterday, my friend, Nicole, and I took turns watching our six children and doing our runs. It was really great! It's very motivating to have friends doing this with me!

So, I'm resting (from running) today. I've been busy getting the house back into working order after the weekend. Weekends always throw me for a loop! I never can seem to keep up a pretty house all weekend--I guess I'm too busy having fun.

Something I'm thinking about is book-writing. How do you go about that? What is the process? I have some very great ideas for a book--a book for women about being a woman. It may have been done before, but if it has been, I haven't read it.

Dave says I have too many projects. He's right. 100% right.

I'm ambitious.

Caesar was ambitious.

Look what happened to him.


  1. "Caesar was ambitious"...ha! That was funny! I think I'd like your book. =)

  2. Hey I had tons of fun the other day watching all 6 kids. I felt like I was running a daycare in my back yard. I too would love to write a book one day, once upon a time I was gonna get a degree in english, but who says you need a degree to write a book, maybe I can just get a really good editor instead. A children's book might be a good place to start.

  3. My mom always told me I should write a book about her life, but it would be a better screenplay for a lifetime movie. :) I think you could be a successful book writer, you're organized (your thoughts are organized!), you can not help but be a teacher/motivator in all that you do, and your ambitious!


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