Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 12--Couch to 5k--GOALS

Rest Day.

I signed up for the race this morning. It was $20 (plus a 2.50 transaction fee or some nonsense). It feels good to have this goal in place to work towards.

I chatted on the phone with my dad last night about running. He used to run 11 miles a day back in high school. He said the farthest he ever ran was 20 miles. He ran sprints first, but then his coaches realized he had more endurance so they switched him to long distance running. Let's hope this is genetic! :)

Speaking of goals, here is what I envision for myself right now. Obviously, the 5k is my first goal--to finish this 10 week training and run the race. Beyond that, what I really want is to run 30 minutes 3-4 times a week which would probably put me at 10 miles a week or so. I just want to do this for my health and for my own enjoyment.

At this point, I don't want a half-marathon goal. There is the possibility that we will have another child in the near future, so I'd really like to have a well-established exercise regimen before I get pregnant. The current recommendation is that you may continue with whatever exercise regimen you have in place before you get pregnant, but you shouldn't increase it after becoming pregnant. I would like to have something that would keep me in good shape throughout a pregnancy. Of course, I am well aware of how exhausted I am in the first trimester, so this all remains to be seen!!! I do like to have achievable goals, though, so I would like to set my sights on 30 minutes of running, 3-4 days a week.

I am buying running shoes this weekend. I am so excited. I am looking forward to having shoes that actually fit my feet and provide the support that I need. I'm also getting to pick up my BAM (Basket-A-Month) in Conway this weekend. Yea for farmer's market!!! If you're curious about the Central Arkansas CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), here is the link:

Today starts a week of NO CALL for Dave. I want to make the break enjoyable for him!!! Any ideas?


  1. You are doing great with your running goals!

    About Dave's time away from being on call..I think you know what to do. *wink wink* Whatever he wants, for starters. LOL

  2. YEAH for Farmer's Market!! Lamar and I participated in a program like this while in Albuquerque. In fact, one of our goals is to start one wherever we move. We will only make it when we realize we are a community. Good for you!

  3. I'm proud of you!!

    My advice for Dave's NO CALL week-turn off all the phone's :)!!

    We love to do fun stuff after the kids go to bed. Fun appetizers/snacks, maybe a fun dessert or drink, Movies...

  4. I am glad to see you're still planning/trying for baby #4 I was wondering about it but hadn't wanted to pry. Have you found anyone to run with you, I've been waiting for you to ask me! As far as making things nice for Dave you are usually more clever than I am, whatever you do don't watch too much tv, except of course for the thursday night line up, one of these days we are going to have to get babysitters and watch it together.


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